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Lemon water is one of the original detox drinks and it is simply lemon and water! It can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference. While lemon water shouldn't be the only thing you rely on if you are trying to lose weight but it can be a powerful addition to your weight loss efforts.

Benefits of Lemon Water

1. Boosts the Immune System

Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin c and this is the most important nutrient to support a health immune system. Did you know that one lemon has 180% of the daily recommended allowance for vitamin c?! The essential vitamins and minerals can also help give you a energy boost.

2. Improve Your Skin

The antioxidants that a lemon contains can help decrease skin blemishes and leave your skin looking rejuvenated, clean and healthy‚Äč. Lemon is detoxifying and the vitamin c can help to naturally firm up skin.

3. Cleanse the Liver

Drinking lots of water will help your liver to keep working at it's best. Lemon water could also help cleanse build up. in addition to this, drinking lemon water can also suppress your appetite and cause you to have fewer cravings.

4. Aids in Digestion

Lemon water is great at flushing out toxins form your body. It has been thought that lemons help to slow the digestion process meaning you feel fuller longer and you absorb more of the nutrients from your food. ‚Äč

5. Helps with Weight Loss

Like I said, lemon water can help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. This also combats those intense sugar cravings‚Äč. Studies have shown that drinking water can help you lose weight and adding lemons to the mix only boosts the weight loss abilities.

6. Other Benefits

Lemon water can possibly reduce joint pain, fight infections, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and is a great source of potassium. ‚Äč

Lemon Water Recipies

Lemon water has some great benefits and it will help keep you hydrated! However, lemon water can get kind of boring after a while so here are some ideas to help mix things up!

Lemon water can be infused with different fruits and herbs! For all the recipe ideas below fill a pitcher with water and place inside of it a freshly cut 3 lemon plus what ever other ingredients you choose:

Lemon + Mint Leaves

Lemon + Ginger‚Äč

Lemon + Honey

Lemon + Cucumber

Lemon + Cucumber + Mint‚Äč

Another approach is to add the juice of a lemon to a cup of brewed herbal tea. Green tea is one of the most popular teas for weight loss. Find out which teas are the best for losing weight and add the juice from a lemon to them!

Related: Best Teas for Weight Loss‚Äč

Best Way to Squeeze a Lemon‚Äč

Now the best option is to extract lemon juice from a lemon as apposed to buying the packaged lemon juice from a bottle. To do this you can purchase lemon squeezers but I don't like how hard they are to use and lemon juice starts to just squirt out of it.

I personally recommend a Lemon Juicer! These are really easy to use and even my 8 year old sister can use it with ease. It even makes sure that seeds don't end up in your juice. You can get them on Amazon for less than $6.00! Trust me, it will be money well spent!


December 31, 2020
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December 30, 2020

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