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Super Easy Ways to help you Increase your Water Consumption

Water is the most important ingredient for our bodies. Water is our life blood, many illnesses and diseases can be helped or possibly prevented by drinking lots of water. The importance of drinking enough water on a daily basis cannot be overstated! Realistically, for our health, you should only drink water. Many drinks we think are healthy - such as fruit juice drinks - are in fact not. Surprisingly fruit juices are almost no better for you than soda pop! Of course there are some things we should drink a bit of everyday, such as coffee and tea. But other than that water is the drink of choice.Now I don't even live tot hat standard of living, I mean I try to drink as much water as possible but I also like to have something else very sparingly - even if it's not healthy. I'm a big believer that we can safely eat and drink anything we want in extreme moderation.

The Best Way to Help You Increase How Much Water You Drink

The single best way I have found to get myself to drink more water on a regular basis is the same way I go myself to actually save money, which was to track it and get regular alerts reminding me to save. This is the same way I now drink lots of water.Of course, this is a lot more difficult to do with water intake as opposed to finances; mostly because no one has really thought of this as a way to drink more water. I didn't. Usually when I made a decision to drink more water, I would. But...After a few days I'd slow it down because i'd forget or yada yada...The thing that has really helped to me stay on track with my water intake has been a smart water bottle. Smart water bottles are water bottles that track how much water you've drank each day. Most of these have an app that connects to the sensor in the water bottle. This will show your history over time, it might sound like a waste however, success in anything is tracked. So this is an amazing way to help you visualize how much water you have consumed during the day. Some of these also remind you to drink water every so often. I know there will be a lot of time where I forget to drink because i'm busy. My favorite smart water bottle is the Trago, here are the top 5 smart water bottles for 2017.If you don't want to spend the premium or deal with phone apps then another great option is "ulla". Ulla, is a is a device that lights up and alerts you if you haven't picked up your water cup on a regular basis. After about 30 mins it alerts you and reminds you to drink up. It's a simpler and cheaper option but still gets the job done, however it doesn't track your water intake - only reminds you to drink.It sounds super corny but I gotta say it has really surprised me on how much it has helped. I guess all I needed was a little reminder to stay on track! Make sure to click here to read more about Ulla in my review on it.

Make Water Better

Another way to drink more water is to spice it up a bit. Drinking the same thing all the time gets extremely boring - fast! So what I do is add a bit of lemon juice to it, this gives some awesome health benefits as well but really makes water more refreshing! Make sure to try it yourself.

February 22, 2021
February 22, 2021

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