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I am going to give you the best fitness tips to keep you motivated and keep you on track with you're fitness goals. After summer it can be difficult stay motivated and not fall into the holiday rut. Warm weather draws us outside and helps to keep us active. Our response to snow and the chilly winds is to bundle up, stay indoors, and snack on comfort foods. Here are 8 motivational tips for fitness brought to you by Leigh Haugh!

Fitness Tips To Keep You Motivated

Focus on Small Steps or Changes

Avoid overly ambitious or impossible fitness goals. Instead, try setting small, achievable goals each week. As an individual achieves each goal, it will hopefully motivate them to set even more fitness goals.

Make Fitness Fun

Keeping fitness fun is a fundamental key to success. Therefore, a person should select sports or activities they enjoy, then vary the routine as time goes on. If someone is bored by their workouts, they should try something new. For instance, a person can take dance classes, try outdoor sports or athletic leagues, and/or check out their local health club or martial arts center. Remember to keep things fun and exciting because someone is more likely to stick with an exercise routine if they are having fun.

Incorporate Exercise Into Daily Life

In today’s busy world, sometimes it is hard to find time for exercise. However, that does not mean a person should give up or give in. Instead, an individual should attempt to schedule their workouts as they would any other important activity. Moreover, people can also slip in exercise throughout the day. For instance, a person could take the stairs instead of the elevator, try walking/running/marching in place, park far away from the building and walk, etc. Furthermore, there is also a variety of at-home workout options. For example, a person could ride a stationary bike, do isometric exercises, exercise with workout DVDs or old-school tapes, or use resistance bands while working or watching TV.

Stress Relief

There is no denying the many benefits associated with regular exercise. Among these benefits, stress relief is a big one in terms of motivational tips for fitness. If someone is tense and wound up after a long day at work or family and/or relationship woes are causing a person stress, exercise can be a wonderful way to work off that stress. It can make a world of difference and reap many benefits.

Establish a Fitness Buddy System

Invite friends, family members, or co-workers to join an exercise community or buddy system. Encourage others to workout with a buddy or other loved ones. Try to combine family bonding time with exercise via outdoor sports, a group walk, or organize a group of family and/or friends to take fitness classes at a local health club or gym. Sometimes having an exercise buddy is motivation enough to stick with a workout routine, and if someone begins to slack off, these exercise buddies can help get a person back on track with their fitness goals.

Time for Reflection

Exercise can provide clarity and time for reflection. Many people use exercise as a way to clear out the cobwebs, organize their thoughts, and solve problems.

Rewards Reap Benefits

After each exercise session, take some time to savor the endorphins created via exercise. This habit can help motivate someone and make regular exercise a part of their life. Tangible rewards can also be beneficial. For instance, when someone achieves a long-term exercise goal, they should be treated to a massage, new pair of walking shoes, or some new music to enjoy while they workout.

Pictures Speak Volumes

In order to chart one’s progress, a person should take before and after photos, as well as pictures along the way. It can help put things into perspective and remind a person of how far they have come.

It can be tough to keep fighting but use these fitness tips to keep you motivated though the cold months. Gyms are a great choice to exercise in the winter but you can also go outdoor activities! Remember to bundle up!

December 27, 2020
December 25, 2020

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