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How To Get Skinny Legs and The Thigh Gap (Based on Body Type)

Can you feel your thighs rubbing together when you walk? I used to envy girls who could wear short shorts and cute bikinis with their legs perfectly slender. And here I was with jeans that almost had holes where my thighs rubbed together. The “thigh gap” is something I desperately wished I could achieve.

I have girls ask me all the time, “How can I get a thigh gap?” My answer? You have to know your body type and be willing to work for it. The steps to getting a thigh gap are simple. Here are the BEST steps to get a thigh gap and the workouts and products that will increase your chances of losing weight around the thighs.

​Step One: Know Your Body Type

Not all girls have the same body. If you want to know when you’ll start getting smaller thighs to the point of getting a thigh gap, you need to know your body type. Research has shown that it takes a body fat percentage of about 18% to get the thigh gap. Which body type are you?

Endomorph (Pear-Shape Physique)

  • ​Small Shoulders
  • Body fat settles in lower regions of the body (butt, hips, thighs)
  • hard time losing weight
  • slow metabolism

Mesomorphs (Hourglass Figure)

  • ​“athletic"
  • naturally lean and muscular
  • wider at the shoulder than the hips
  • efficient metabolism

Ectomorph (Ruler Body shape)

  • ​"Skinny"
  • body type most often seen in fashion magazines
  • long arms and legs
  • difficulty gaining muscle mass
  • fast metabolisum

The good news is that no matter your body type, you can get skinny legs and the thigh gap. To do so will require a diet and workout plan that will work best with your body type.

Step Two: Weighloss And The Thigh Gap

Losing thigh weight to get the thigh gap means losing weight in general. The secret to losing weight is not a secret at all.  Bottom line: burn more calories than your daily calories intake. This means knowing how many calories your body needs during the day and how many calories you should eat to lose weight.  In general, you should be consuming around 10 calories per pound of your body weight. For example, if you weight 150 pounds, then your calories intake should be around 1500 calories per day. I recommend downloading a Calorie Tracking app on your phone such as My Fitness Pal or Lose it!

Step Three: Diet For Your Body Type And The Thigh Gap

Do not starve yourself or go on a restrictive diet in hopes of losing weight fast. When it comes to effective and terminate weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. Instead of cutting out food groups, eat smart. As you count your calories, you’ll notice the types of foods you eat the most of. Aim for more protein in your diet. In general, you want to eat foods that are rich in nutrients and low  sugar, and artificial ingredients. Wholesome foods are ALWAYS going to better for your body. To get the thigh gap, here is what your diet should consist of based on body type:

Endomorph Eating Habits For Weight Loss and The Thigh Gap:

Avoid crash editing, this will slow down your metabolism. Monitor your carb and fat intake. Best diets for the thigh gap would be limiting carb intake as many endomorphs are carbohydrate sensitive. A diet for the thigh gap should be high in protein with minimal carbs and fats. How much protein?  You should consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Protein is essential for building lean muscles.  A Paleo-like diet is best suited for an endomorph, where each meal contains protein, vegetables, and some healthy fats (note the lack of carbs). Here is my best source for Paleo recipes and meal ideas.


Mesomorph Eating Habits For Weight Loss and The Thigh Gap:

Your calories needs are going to be a little high than other body types. This is because you tend to have more muscle mass. For weight loss, focus on a higher protein diet. Research has shown that your best results will come from a plate divided into thirds: one-third protein, one-third vegetable or fruit and one-third Carbohydrates. Good sources of protein include eggs (whole or whites), chicken, turkey, fish, beans, lentils, Greek yogurt and protein powder.


Ectomorph Eating Habits For Weight Loss and The Thigh Gap:

To get the shape you want, you’ll need to increase your muscle mass. Diet should include nutrient and calorie-dense foods such as nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, and starchy vegetables. Make sure you are eating a diet that is high in protein and healthy fat. Good sources of protein include: lean meat (turkey, chicken, and fish), eggs, protein powder, yoghurt and soy beans. Good sources of healthy fats include salmon, avocado, nuts, nut butter, and eggs.

Step Four: Workout Plan For Your Body Type And The Thigh Gap

Endomorph Workouts For Weight Loss and The Thigh Gap:

Your workouts should be a combination of intense cardio and moderate weight-training to see maximum results. You need to burn the fat and feed the muscle. If you start working out and feel like your thighs are getting bigger, do not stop! Your thighs are getting bigger because you are growing your muscle. As you grow your thigh muscles, they will start burning the fat. So, your thighs will get bigger before they get smaller. You just have to keep working out. If you stop, you’ll just end up where you started. Here are the best workout programs to get you started would be the Lift Like A Girl workout program or the Body Weight Burn program.  

Mesomorphs Workouts For Weight Loss and The Thigh Gap:

Focus on building the shapes of your muscles and keeping your body fat percentage down. You are going for a soft and sharply look without getting bulky. Workout strategy should involve cardio and resistance training aimed at reducing bulkiness. For cardio, aim for 30 to 45 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times a week. If you are already starting out with less body fat you can take this down to 2 times a week. For resistance training and getting lean, not bulky, muscles your best option it to try Jen's Bikini Body workout program or the Body Weight Burn program.

Ectomorph Workouts For Weight Loss and The Thigh Gap:

Ectomorph tend to lack shape because of their low muscle mass. You might be flat chested and complain of looking “boyish”, wishing you had more curves. You might be underweight, but over-fat. This means you have too much body fat and not enough lean muscles. You might have heard of the term “skinny fat” and you feel like you could look better naked. You need to focus less on cardio and more on resistance training to build lean muscle. Cardio can include power walking and light jogging. To build lean muscle I recommend the Jen's Bikini Body fitness programs.

Summary: Body Types and Thigh Gap

Know your body type. If you want skinny legs, you shouldn't avoid cardio. You will also need to do some form of resistance training if you want toned legs. You'll also see better results if you combine the right diet and workout plan that suits your body type. So in summary, here is a quick visual:

Endomorph (Pear-Shape Physique)


Intense Cardio (20-30 min 2-3 per week)

Moderate Weight Training​

Lift Like A Girl workout program

Body Weight Burn fitness program​

December 31, 2020
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December 30, 2020

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