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Health & Fitness Gifts Any Fitness Junkie Would Love

Rather than giving a generic gift card or socks (IÔÇÖm looking at you Aunt Marry), give a gift they will appreciate, use, and love! If you are having a hard time figuring out what to get for a fitness junkie in your life, browse through the health & fitness gift ideas below!

ProSourceFit: Best Deal for Workout Equipment

Click here to shop: ProSourceFit Fitness Equipment: Yoga, Pilates, Resistance, Strength training, and more!

Yoga, Pilates, weight training, resistance bands, recovery equipment, and everything in between. ProsourceFit has it all. Amazing quality at bargain prices and many options under $25 for those stocking stuffer favorites!

Men, women, yogis, athletes, there is something for everyone!


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Fit Lifestyle Box

Here is October's FLB! The theme for this box was "Protein" and it was fantastic!

The Fit Lifestyle Box is a monthly subscription but you can buy just 1, 2, 3, or more months for a fun and unique gift that will surely be a great gift for any fitness junkie. Every box includes a full-size product (example: T-shirt), a variety of healthy snacks, supplements, workout challenge, and more! At about $25, this a bargain gift.

Check out my review article of The Fit Lifestyle Box for more info on what included and to see what I got in my boxes!


Get 20% OFF your first box by using the coupon code: FITNESSJUNKIE

Healthy Snacks and Supplement Gifts for Secret Santa, White Elephant, & Stocking Stuffers

SuperFat Nut Butter

SuperFat Nut Butter pouches are a healthy and convenient snack that can also be a meal replacement and perfect for a pre-workout energy book.

SuperFat nut butter is an amazing keto snack that you can take anywhere. They have a delicious line of keto-friendly snacks including many nut butter and keto cookies!

Checkout my Superfat Nut Butter review article for more info!

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PIQUE Tea is a perfect gift for tea lovers with a line of immune support teas, gut health teas, Fasting teas, calm energy teas, and more. PIQUE Teas come in single-serving "on-the-go" packets so you can take your tea with your anywhere.

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Sleep & Relaxation Gifts for Secret Santa, White Elephant, & Stocking Stuffers

SleepPhones - Headphones for SLeeping


SleepPhones are the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping. They were designed for side sleepers! Not only for sleep use - they can be used for audiobooks, mediation, yoga, white noise, and more. Available in a variety of machine washable fabrics and covers with options for wired and wireless SleepPhones.


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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Secret Santa, White Elephant, & Stocking Stuffers

 Helping Animals at Risk

Jewelry, apparel, watches, and more and many gifts under $25! Helping Animals at Risk donated a part.of their net profits to support animal charities. A few of the associations they have helped include Orca Network, Wolf Matters, Topeka Cat Association, and WWF.


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Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe is a nature-inspired lifestyle brand that gives back to the planet by planting trees. To date, they have planted over 400,000 trees! The product line includes water bottles, fitness apparel, leaf leather wallets, bags, journals, and more!


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January 9, 2021
January 9, 2021

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