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Why should you go sugar free?

I have a love/hate relationship with sugar, I love the taste but I hate what it does to my waistline! I first decided to go on a sugar detox a year ago and every once in a few months I repeat the detox and it has me feeling by best! I was mind blown by how much sugar could effect my energy level, mood, cravings, and weight! If you are looking to go on a sugar free diet you don't have to say goodbye to junk food forever. You can go on sugar cleanses as often as you like and some of you may like it so much that you decide to make it a permanent lifestyle change!

Sugar is a dangerous and addictive substance and we consume way too much of it. Experts recommend that you limit your sugar intake to 5 teaspoons a day for women and 9 teaspoons a day for men. In reality, the average adult consume a whooping 22 teaspoons a day! If can be hard to visualize this and to put this in perspective one 12oz of soda has 10 teaspoons. now you can see how it is so easy to over consume sugar.

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Health Benefits of a Sugar Free Diet

Once you take a break from sugar you will quickly begin to experience the positive health benefits it will have. Are you tired of cravings? Well your addiction to sugar is responsible! Here are a few of the money health benefits of a sugar detox:

Health Benefits:

  • Less body fat
  • More natural energy
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Clear skin

Reduces Risk of:

  • Acid reflux
  • Irritable bowel
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety & stress
  • Joint pain

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Foods to Remove from Diet

I can't stress enough how important it is to read nutritional labels. You would be surprised to find out the kinds of foods that you would not expect to contain high levels of sugar. ​

Sugary drinks at the first thing you should remove from your diet. This includes alcohol, fruit juices, sweetened hot drinks, and mostly importantly, soda! Replace these with water, fruit infused water, and regular water.

Next remove all types of sugar including white, brown, raw, coconut sugar, maple syrup, date sugar, etc. Foods that you might not suspect are salad dressings and sauces. You also will want to limit the amount of artificial sweeteners and high glycemic fruits like cherries, mangos, and grapes.

10 Day Sugar Detox

Are you ready for a challenge? If you can follow these simple rules you will be well on your way to a sugar free diet.

  1. Make the choice: You need to make the choice and commit to this. Stay motivated and do not give up
  2. Remove All Sugar: get rid of all forms of sugar from your diet. (artificial sweeteners, MSG, pre-packaged foods)​
  3. Hydrate Smart: Do not drink your calories. Remove sweetened teas and coffees. The only type of jucie that is ok to drink is green veggie juice
  4. Sleep: get 8 hours of quality sleep to help prevent strong cravings
  5. Manage stress: Learn to control your stress levels, being stressed out can lead to cravings and increase in hunger levels
  6. Right Meals: Boost the amount of protein in your meals (eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, turkey). Eat the right kinds of carbs (non-starchy veggies like green beans, onions, eggplant, tomatos, asparagus). Meals should include a little bit of good fats (nuts/seeds, avocado, fish)
  7. Juicing: make your own juices by juicing healthy fruits and veggies. Juicing is also a great way to easily consume essential vitamins and minerals

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This is just a simple way to start your journey to take back your freedom from sugar. If you are really serious about removing sugar than consider going on a 21 Day Sugar Detox complete with recipes and tips!

Bonus Tip: Cutting out sugar can be tricky but here is a little tip that should make it easier. If you find yourself craving sugar/candy consider this easy recipe: ​

Dried Strawberries taste like candy but are health and natural! Simply bake for 3 hours at 210 degrees for a tasty treat!​

December 31, 2020
December 30, 2020

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