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Do you and your significant other want to start exercising together? Maybe to lose a few pounds or just to add healthy lifestyle habits? 

There are many benefits to working out as a couple. 

This post will discuss finding the right workout plan for both of you, what to do when one person wants something different from the other, and if you should consider joining an exercise class or hiring a personal trainer.

#1 Find an exercise plan that fits you both

When you and your significant other have different fitness goals, it can be challenging to find a workout plan that works for both of you. 

For example, suppose one partner is interested in running a marathon, but the other just wants to lose 20 pounds. In that case, there may not be an exercise routine out there that will work well for both people, but there are still routines that you can share. 

Joining a group training program such as CrossFit, where everyone participates in similar exercises at their own pace, is one example of a workout program that would help with weight loss and improve athletic performance. 

If one partner hates running and the other loves running, you can still find common ground. Gym membership gives you a place to go and work out together. Treadmills and other exercise equipment offer everyone a variety so they can see what works best for them. 

#2 Make it a lifestyle

With couples' busy lives, many will try to start exercising together sporadically or in short bursts, which is ineffective for building a habit and keeping it long term. 

By making being active a lifestyle, the chances of seeing it through to the end increase dramatically. 

Options are available for people struggling with hormone imbalances, such as testosterone replacement therapy treatment packages. These treatments are designed to help men of all ages. 

Also, make exercise part of your daily routine by inserting time into each day where you can use both exercises alongside one another. 

If both of you are morning people, the best way to do this would be to begin the day.  Before work and daily errands start. 

If early mornings don't work for either person. You can try out different times during the weekday until you find something that works well with your schedules and lifestyles as a couple!

#3 Motivate each other

We know what you're thinking - how can I motivate my partner to work out? 

This is where things get a little trickier, but nothing worth having comes easy. 

You can consider starting with an activity that your significant other enjoys. If this person loves dancing, then sign up for Zumba or pole fitness classes! 

Maybe they prefer martial arts and would enjoy Muay Thai kickboxing. 

Is there a hobby that you can do together? Maybe hiking, going for walks, or geocaching can help motivate the other person to be more active. 

Whatever it is, try finding something that the two of you love doing together.  

Another great idea for helping your partner stay motivated during workouts is choosing the same activity or training towards a common goal. For example, if you're at the gym, go for a treadmill run together. Afterward, you can spot each other at the weight workout area. 

My story

Tracking your progress can be a great way to stay motivated and encourage each other. My husband and I really started exercising together and more often when we each got Garmin fitness watches

The Garmin app allows you to create a profile, share workouts and stats, create challenges, and earn badges and points for completing certain activities. 

Each day we make sure the other person hits the goal of 10,000 steps, rain or shine. New badges are available monthly for walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, and more! 

Since my husband and I are both freedivers, I have the Garmin MKs, and he has the Garmin Decent MK2.

However, many Garmin fitness watches and budget trackers are starting as low as $70 on Amazon

There are fitness trackers for kids, too, so the whole family can participate. 

With these few simple tips and ideas, couples will soon find themselves enjoying exercise more than ever before while spending quality time together too.

At the end of the day, exercise should be fun for both of you, so be sure to compromise from time to time and partake in activities that both of you are interested in!

By doing this, you'll both be reaching your fitness goals, growing closer as a couple.

And also feel better each and every day, thanks to your healthy lifestyle changes!

September 7, 2021
September 3, 2021

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