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Oolong Tea Health Benefits

We all know most teas have some decent health benefits, that's why people have been drinking it for a very long time! I know for me I had only heard of a few varieties of teas, but there are a lot of "exotic" teas out there that have some amazing health benefits. One of these more exotic teas is Oolong tea. Oolong tea is extremely high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are highly important for our immune system, they help to block free radicals in our body when we "oxidize" oxygen. Oxygen is very unstable, it causes us to age by getting wrinkles among other ailments when we metabolize it.

This article is going to enlighten you to some of the amazing health benefits of Oolong tea, and i'll also tell you where the best place to buy Oolong tea is, from people I trust and buy myself. I'd highly recommend trying it and see what - if any - effects you notice.​

Benefits of Drinking Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea has many helpful benefits and I believe should be added to everyone's morning routine. Here are some of them!​

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Weight Management

​Oolong tea has fantastic properties for managing a healthy weight; it contains a polyphenol compound which helps to control the metabolism of fat within the body. In addition it also activates special enzymes which enhances the functions of fat cells in the body.

What this beans for you is it is widely believed that daily consumption of oolong tea will help to maintain a healthy weight and fight off obesity. More studies are needed to ascertain the validity of such beliefs however it definitely can't hurt and there are other health benefits as well. The polyphenols within this tea actually helps make fat work for you, in some animal studies it shows sign of slimming properties -- even when on a diet high in fat and/or sugar!

Healthier Skin

The skin is our body's largest organ. With this is mind it takes the largest beating with free radicals. A lotof ailments that affect our skin can be mitigated by a diet high in antioxidants, they help your skin looking younger for longer. Have you ever seen people who are 60s or 70s but still have bright, vibrant looking skin with little or no wrinkles? Chances are they had a lot of antioxidants throughout their life. Oolong tea is a great addition to help have beautiful skin for as long as possible, the polyphenols inside this tea are a great defense!

Eczema and Oolong Tea

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) or is a irritating chronic skin disease characterized by itchy red swelling skin leading to possible scarring and, sometimes, infection of lesions due to frequent scratching. Scientific research has shown that people who drink at least 3 cups of oolong tea a day experience more relief than patients who do not drink oolong tea, when combined with traditional eczema treatment.

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Anti-Aging and Vitality Properties

As I mentioned before, the type ofantioxidants in oolong tea called polyphenols help protect against free radicals. Free radicals are very damaging to anything they touch because they move at great speed and are small enough to get pretty much anywhere. It is believed that they can blast through a cell and interrupt the DNA inside which can cause a mutation leading to possible bad consequences such as cancer. Free radicals are produced when your body metabolizes oxygen. Also the sun's rays wreak havoc on our skin as well.

Regular consumption of oolong tea diminishes wrinkles and helps to improve the elasticity and look of the skin, this provides a nice youthful appearance!

Bone Health

One thing is for certain - we are all gettingolder. My grandma is inher 80s andnever really tookthat great care of herself. I promised to myself that I would take careofmy body, one thing that really sticks out is how weak her bones are. I am fortunate enough to havenever broken a bone in my life (knock on wood!) and I always look totry and find how I can keepmy bones strong.

One thing that was surprising was that black or oolong teas may actually help retain minerals we eat from other foods so that out bone density decreases much less than it would otherwise. A study was doneSo by drinking this tea you may actually keep your bones stronger! It's not fully understood at the correlation but it's definitely not a bad side effect!

Helps With Diabetes

Oolong tea can be beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes when used in addition to other medications designed for diabetes. Oolong tea helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, this helps stabilize blood levels helping to avoid some of the dangerous drastic swings that many people with diabetes worry about. A study done shows that when used with other hyperglycemic (blood sugar) medication, oolong tea farther helped to balance the blood sugar levels. It also helped to prevent the deadly drops in nearly every single test subject.

Anti Cancer Benefits

While i'm not saying drinking oolong tea will cure cancer however, since it does help to protect against free radicals it definitely can help lower the risk of any issues they may cause. Some sicknesses thought to be cause by free radicals is cancer. It is known that people who drink tea regularly have less cases of skin cancer than non drinkers. What's really interesting with oolong tea is the polyphenol compound seems to help prevent against some forms of cancer. I wont bore you with the details, you can read the study, however in layman's terms it helps stop the activation of cancer cells and prevents them from forming compounds they need to grow into a tumor.

Stress Reliever

Oolong tea is great for reducing stress, there was a study done is Japan with mice. These mice showed an overall improvment in their stress level from 10-18%, again at work is the polyphenol. The polyphenol in the tea was the main reason for theimproved stress levels. Is there anything it can't do? Also this tea has a special amino acid (building blocks of proteins) that blocks a certain receptor in the brain, allowing for the mind to become relaxed.

Where is The Best Place to Buy Oolong Tea?

The best place to buy Oolong tea is obviously online, it's not very common in grocery stores. However my favorite way to consume it is in the product Kou Tea. It is a synergistic blend of 3 other amazing teas that together have some wonderful health benefits. But if you'd rather just buy oolong tea on its own then this is the place I recommend. It's very reasonably prices and it's high quality.

It is also USDA certified 100% organic.

Words of Caution...

As with any product be careful when taking for the first time, but also it does have a decent amount of natural caffeine. Drinking too much may cause adverse health conditions, even with this awesome tea don't over do it.

However since this caffeine is natural there are benefits as well, it really helps to increase alertness and fights off drowsiness. Oolong tea really helps with attention and focus.

NOTE: This information is strictly for educational purposes only, nothing I say here is meant to be medical advice or for treating, curing, or mitigating any disease.

December 31, 2020
December 30, 2020

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