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What to Eat After Working Out

When getting in shape we want to do everything we can do get the most our of our workouts. What we eat is super important to getting the proper nutrition. ‚ÄčEating the right foods is what will help determine your energy levels, the amount of calories you burn and the nutrition you absorb.

Importance of Eating After Exercise‚Äč

When you workout your body taps into stored energy to get you through it. Once you are done working out your body is depleted of energy and needs to refuel. You should eat within 30 minutes of finishing your workout so that your muscles can effectively rebuild. ‚ÄčEating helps replenish energy stores, build and repair muscle, as well as keep your metabolism running smoothly. This is why you should always aim to eat some protein after working out. Did you know that research has shown that your body's ability to recover decreases by 50 percent if you wait to eat 2 hours after your workout compared to eating right away. So you might need to plan ahead and bring your recover drink or snack with you. The best combination of food is a mix of a lot of protein and a little bit of carbohydrates.

Best Post-Workout Foods and Recipes‚Äč

Yogurt and Fruit: Low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit is always a winning protein and carb combination. In fact, you would be better of if you choose greek yogurt! ‚ÄčYou can make a parfait by trowing together yogurt, fruits, and light nuts and seeds. You can also make this ahead of time and store it in your fridge.

Whole Wheat Bagel and Peanut Butter: This is a great source of complex carbohydrates and protein from peanut butter. ‚Äč

Oats and Fruit: Wholegain Oats are also a great option. The contain ‚Äčhigh levels of phosphorus which is great for muscle recovery as well as helping you store fuel for your next workout session session.

Fruit and Nuts: You'll get protein from the nuts and a light amount of carbs from the fruit. ‚Äč

Wholegrains with Chicken: Chicken is a lean meat that is a great source of protein and your carb intake is filled with wholegrain pasta or rice. Be sure to watch your portions. A fist is a good measure of portion size. ‚Äč

Cottage Cheese: This is a great food because it is low calorie, has lots of protein and the good kind of fat. ‚Äč

‚ÄčFish and Steamed Veggies: Fish is full of healthy vitamins and minerals. Grill some salmon and lemon and add a side of steamed broccoli for a healthy source of carbs.

Tuna: Tuna is another food that is super high in protein, it's also very budget friendly and you can buy pouches of tuna if you are on the go. ‚Äč

Milk: Milk is full of protein, natural sugars, and healthy fat. If you are not a fan of milk there are other options such as soy milk. To get the most of your workout try mixing a glass of milk with a healthy post workout shake mix like those offered by IdealShape (chocolate is my personal favorite)‚Äč

Meal Replacement Shakes: If you choose so take a meal replacement shake make sure you pick on that is high in protein, has the essential vitamins and minerals and is low on sugar. I always drink IdealShape, it has all the vitamins and minerals, tastes great and is budget friendly. ¬†‚Äč

Your body needs to be refueled and eating the right foods is essential to proper fitness and nutrition. Many of these post workout foods are easy to prepare and even take with you on the go. But whatever you do, don't skimp on your post workout meals. ‚Äč


December 31, 2020
December 30, 2020

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