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Awesome Fitness Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Sometimes awesome things come in small packages. I'm sure you have someone in your life that is into fitness and health-conscious.

I wanted to share a few awesome little gifts that they would love to get this holiday season!

These are fun gifts that won't break the bank.


1.KT Tape

kt tape

View KT Tape Products

Injuries and blisters are bound to happen. KT Tape is among the best in quality products to help athletics treat pain and injuries. They have products that fit can fit any budget and are a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with an active lifestyle!


2.Resistance Band

resistance band

Mighty Buns Resistance Band

The Mighty Buns resistance band is my personal favorite and I don't travel anywhere without it! Plus a resistance band should be a part of any gym bag!


3. MOSO Natural Mini Air Purifying Bags $10

charcoal deodorizer

MOSO Natural mini air purifying bag shoe deodorizers

Speaking of gym bags, help them keep their's stink-free with MOSO natural mini air purifying bag shoe deodorizers!


4. Maven Thread Men's and Women's Headbands

fitness headband

Maven Thread Women's Headband

A Maven Thread headband is perfect for keeping bangs out of the way and sweat in control. These are stylish with lots of designs to choose from. And they are great for running, yoga, strength training, or anything in between!

Pick your favorite two designs for under $15.


5. SPRI Exercise Dice

workout dice

SPRI Exercise Dice

SPRI Exercise Dice is a fun twist to any workout. Workouts won't be repetitive or boring. These dice have rep counts and time while the other has workouts. It's a great way to keep workouts fresh and exciting!


6. Fitness Log Book & Workout Planner

workout and fitness planner and log book

Fitness Log Book & Workout Planner

Keep your fitness fan motivated and organized. This workout tracker and planner has plenty of space for personal records, such as the number of sets, types of exercise, rating, body measurements, progress, and diet preferences.


7. Hydration Junkie Water Jug

hydration junkie water jug

Hydration Junkie Water Jug

This is not an ordinary water bottle. An annoying problem I always had when I went to the gym in juggling my phone, keys, ID/Card, and water bottle.

Moving to new workout machines was a pain. And I can't even begin to count the number of times I dropped something. These are just some things that I don't want to leave in a locker or in my car.

The hydration Junkie solves ALL of those first world gym problems! Hydration Junkie Water Jugs will hold your phone, keys, ID, and enough water to keep you out of the water bottle filling station line!

I wrote a review about the Hydration Junkie water jug if you want more info. You can also get 5% off if you use the promo code FITNESSJUNKIE


8. Funny T-Shirt

womens workout top with funny text

Funny Fitness T-Shirts and Tops

If there is one thing that everyone needs is a little humor. Oh. And another workout shirt! These funny workout tops will definitely put a smile on their face!


9. Ammo Bar Energy Bars

Ammo Energy Bar Caffeinated Granola Bar
My personal favorite caffeinated energy bar is the Ammo Bar. This crunchy granola bar is not only a significant boost of energy but also a complete meal bar!

Ammo Caffeinated Nutrition Bar

Ammo Bars are my favorite caffeinated nutritional snack! They are a great snack and high in protein. Ammo Bars can be a great way to kick start your mornings or as a meal replacement snack later in the day! Read my article on the top 5 caffeinated nutritional bars for more ideas!


10. Fitness Jump Rope

fitness jumping rope

Fitness Jump Rope Under $10 on Amazon

Jump roping, in general, is one of the best ways to burn calories. Jumping rope is a great gift for both men and women of all fitness levels. And they are very affordable!


Share your fitness stocking stuffer idea below!


February 22, 2021
February 22, 2021

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