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Have You Heard of Balancing or Auxiliary Muscles?

Our bodies are built for movement across all types of terrain. Whether it's climbing a tree or swimming the English Channel our bodies were made to move around. However now that we use machines to do most of our moving around our muscles don't get used in the way they want. Now people go to gyms to get in shape and while that isn't bad...they aren't getting the workout they should.There are a lot of issues with using workout machines for strength training. The most obvious being that it's completely unnatural. Many times what's most convenient is not the best option. Don't get me wrong it's way better than not working out at all but I believe if you're going to take the time to workout you mind as well get the most out of it. I know that i'm extremely busy and it's quite hard and sometimes a hassle to make time to workout so I want to make sure I'm doing the best I can for the time I invest in myself.

What are Balancing Muscles?

Balancing muscles are small very specific muscles that mostly help with stability and coordination. They really are not muscles that you will focus on intentionally; you'll mostly work these muscles naturally and unintentionally by using free weights or doing body-weight exercises.The best example I can think of is when I went to Yosemite National Park (gorgeous by the way you NEED to go!!) I was hiking to Nevada Falls and on the way back to the trail head it was a steep constant hill. I was just walking normal speed however I had to constantly force myself to stay at a slower speed and this caused some muscles in my legs to do a lot of work which I hadn't used much before. That's when I thought about what those muscles were but they were stabilizing my legs and I always took them for granted.

Why Are They Important?

These auxiliary muscles are very important for body control which is important for nearly any aspect of your life. Take a look at a lot of the top martial arts people. Or people who have significant skills in balance like gymnasts. What do they have in common? I can control their body exceptionally well, they have tremendous balance which in turn also helps then do some amazing physical activities.Their body control is flawless, and of course this comes from hundreds of hours of training but it wouldn't be possible without their secondary muscles helping them to control their bodies.They all trained these muscles by body-weight and some free weights. If it helps them with their sports imagine how it could help your fitness level to grow and become excellent.I know for me I love doing things outside just to do them, I like climbing trees or just climbing random things because I can. This is why I recommend people to do activities that help with their body control as well as focusing on their main muscles. I hope this helps.I love you hear from you ladies! I read every single comment and email so please email me anytime you want or shoot a comment! I'd also love to hear about more things you are interested in.

December 27, 2020
December 25, 2020

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