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Who is Shawna Kaminski and Can She Help You Hit Your Goals?

Shawna Kaminski is a Canadian born workout professional, she specializes in staying in shape and losing weight for women over 40. Shawna her self is a mother of two, over 50 woman. The main question you should ask when looking to learn from someone is do they have credibility?Shawna has some pretty memorable fitness awards:

  • Winner of the Western Canadian Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship
  • Two time awarded the toughest Calgarian alive
  • National Canadian competitor in swimming and freestyle skiing
  • Finished in the top 3 for the National Canadian Bodybuilding Championship on 3 separate years

Shawna is a fierce competitor, she has a large following on social media. On her website she has a lot of awesome testimonials from real women she has helped. She was even a fitness expert on Spike TV's "gym rescue".Shawna owns Calgary Northwest Fit Body Boot Camp, she helps people by having a 24/7 coaching program. More on that below.Shawna can do a pretty impressive feat - 20 pull ups consecutively, check out this video for proof:

But why does that matter? The point is if you're gonna take fitness and weight loss advice from someone and potentially entrust them with your hard earned money for their services - you want to know they can walk the walk. 20 pull ups in a row is very difficult. Especially for a 50+ year old woman! Most people in the world can't even do one pull up! In fact what she does in the video is more than I've ever seen a man do!If you want to get in shape but you feel a bit older I would recommend following Shawna on facebook and getting into some of her programs because she is relate able to you. She has the same struggles as you do however she has paved the road for you to just follow and reap the rewards. I definitely want to look like this when I get older.

Ways Shawna Kaminski Can Help Your Fitness and Weight-loss Goals

Shawna has massive success in helping not just women but all people to lose weight. However she wanted to be able to help more people than her gym can do. So she has a few virtual ways out there so she can help you with your fitness needs. One program than I was impressed with was Bikini Belly Guide - this is a guide designed specifically for women over 40 to learn how to turn off hormones that help the body add weight to the belly area. Belly fat is very harmful for your overall well being - worse than fat anywhere else.Her online program is 21 days in length and has follow-along videos as well as a book on how to do everything. it can be done in 15-20 minutes and is specifically designed for women over 35 who suffer from menopause belly and want to lose that stubborn belly fat.Shawna also has 24/7 coaching for people and she holds her student accountable to their goals which I believe is the most important part of a coach. Shawna really seems to want to help people and I highly respect that about her.Perhaps Shawna's success lies in the fact that she use to be a school teacher, in fact she was teaching students for over 20 years! She loved to teach and still does to this day, however she wanted to impact more people on a more intimate level. She has a real passion for teaching and helping women get into the most amazing shape of their lives, I high recommend you follow her and look at her products because she has done some really amazing work.

December 27, 2020
December 26, 2020

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