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Do You Feel Sluggish and Tired Throughout Your Day?

I remember for the longest time that I just could not wake up. It seemed no matter how much sleep I did (or didn't) get I was always tired all day long! Even though I tired to be as healthy as possible, I still had minimal energy.I have finally been able to get over this slump I was in by doing some research. There are many reasons why you might have low energy and are tired all day long but here are a few helpful tips to try!

Lose The Snooze Button:

I use to hit the snooze button 2 or 3 times every morning, but this is a bad idea because it can actually make it harder for you to take up. The snooze button is between 5 and 10 minutes which usually allows you to fall back asleep fora very short period of time. This makes it harder to wake up and can lead to low energy all day because your body is still in sleep mode.

start morning off well for more energy

This also makes it far more dangerous to drive because your body is trying its hardest to go back to sleep which can increase the likelihood of a car crash.What really kicked it for me was when someone told me that hitting the snooze button shows a lack of discipline.Do yourself a favor and kick the habit, this could be a big reason you are tired all day long.

Eat The Right Breakfast:

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of your day, it gets your metabolism fired up and ready to take on the day. However eating the correct thing is probably more important than just eating in the morning.If you eat the wrong things it can make you extremely tired and low energy all day long, such foods are: Sugary cereals, doughnuts, or other sugary and fatty foods.Instead look for protein and fiber rich combos, like a omelet with vegetables, or nuts and broccoli.The right breakfast can have an enormous impact on the energy level you have throughout the day, however the wrong one can leave you sluggish all day.

riobose powder helps turbocharge breakfast

A way to turbocharge your breakfast and have tremendous energy for the whole day is to add ribose powder. Ribose powder has been shown to help boost energy levels by up to 45% in as little as 3 weeks! You can easily order some from Amazon for as little as $19. You can mix the ribose powder with pretty much anything and it wont affect the taste very noticeably. But you'll probably feel a lot better in a short time period.

Leverage Your Shower into An Ultra Relaxing Ritual

Instead of thinking of a shower as a mundane chore or just something we do every morning you can instead transform it into an energy creating zen space.We can do this by utilizing essential oils, just grab a washcloth and put a few drops of lemon and bergamot essential oils and lay it on the shower floor. When the warm water hits it, it will rush up in the steam. Then just take a few deep breaths and the power of the invigorating essential oils will fill your body!ÔÇŹ

Here are the two I like:BergamotLemon

Get Energized in the Sun!

I don't necessarily mean for a tan, however that helps too! Sunlight actually has a lot of benefits for us, it's the main way we get Vitamin D, low Vitamin D causes us to become tired as well, but being in the sun for as little as 10 or 15 minutes during the morning helps to shut off the production of melatonin (sleep hormone.) This helps us become much more alert all day long.I know for me getting sun is hard, I live in Michigan and outside of the summer months it's nearly always cloudy. Not to mention my full time job keeps me indoors while the sun is up. From late September to April the sun doesn't even rise till after I get to the office and sets before I leave making it impossible to get sunlight.I have noticed my mood and energy levels really drop during this time period, so last year I decided to try out a special light bulb which mimics the sunlight. In fact it's actually a necessity for arctic regions. But this winter was the first time I had felt relativity normal and non irritable! My husband is definitely a fan, one option and the one I used is GoodDay Biological LED light bulbs from They last a while and are only about $25. Definitely worth the investment in my opinion.

December 27, 2020
December 26, 2020

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