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Belly Fat Means Bad News for your Overall Health

Many of us carry around unwanted or stubborn belly fat. Most of those people want that gone ASAP! However I'm going to share with you another reason why belly fat is bad news.Yes it's quite unsightly, I hated mine and I tried everything I could to get it to leave me the hell alone! In fact today I'm in pretty good shape but I still have a bit more than I would like...I'm not here to talk about a few pounds, what I am here to let you know of is something that you might be unaware of. And that are the health issues caused by belly fat.Using a pretty rough estimate belly fat isn't really an issue until your waist is greater than ~35 inches. Naturally this will vary some but I think it's a pretty safe way to judge if your belly could potentially harm your health or if it's just a bit annoying.

Subcutaneous Fat

Most of the fat in our bodies is subcutaneous fat which is fat underneath the skin but on top of the muscles. This fat isn't much of an issue unless it gets really excessive. Of course it can mean you might have health issues down the road but this is more because of the lifestyle rather than the fat its self. In fact this fat is necessary for us to survive, its stored energy in case of lean times in the future.Abdominal FatAbdominal fat is a little different, we need some of it to help protect the organs which is still subcutaneous fat however only a small amount can be stored there. The visceral fat is what is bad. And this is what occurs when people have a larger belly. Visceral fat is fat that is stored between the organs in your abdominal cavity, as more fat builds up this causes pressure on your organs and can cause serious damage to them.It does this my messing up the way your body is supposed to work because the fat isn't supposed to me there. Fat cells release chemicals and hormones which eventually cause problems with your organs.While having a large flabby belly might be a dead give away that there might be an issue, there is another more sinister alternative. It's something I've called being skinny fat. This is where you look healthy, you could have muscle decent muscle tone and mass and are a healthy weight and BMI. But you have a large build up of visceral fat in the abdomen. This can be nearly impossible to detect on just a visual basis.

How to Determine if you Have Too Much Belly Fat?

The best way to find out if you have potential risks is if your waist is larger than 35 inches. This is because visceral fat is underneath the muscle however it still bulges out the stomach some, it just wont be grabable. For men you can allow a few extra inches in circumference but I think 35 is still a good ballpark of when to make lifestyle changes.

How to Get Rid of This Fat?

Getting rid of the visceral fat isn't much different from getting rid of any fat. The hard part is making the lifestyle change to remove it.Try to make healthier eating choices more often, such as avoid pre-packaged foods and fast food. However a very surprising thing to avoid is fruit drinks, such as orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice etc. I'm not saying they are entirely bad but its about the same as soda pop. The reason is because during the concentrate process of making fruit juice they get rid of all of the pump and fruit meat, the fiber in the fruit meat keeps the blood sugar stabilized but without it it causes the blood sugar to spike and the pancreas reacts by releasing insulin in the body and this drives massive fat development.

February 22, 2021
February 22, 2021

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