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Is Fruit Juice Bad for You?

When we think of fruits we or I immediately think of very healthy and great for our bodies. So then, fruit juice must be a better way to consume more of the good stuff and a way to keep you from the bad, right? The answer is actually surprised me!

Apple and Orange Juice

Obviously when trying to get healthy we know we need to stay away from soda pop, energy drinks etc... however one thing that really surprised me was we should also stay clear of fruit juices. Fruit juice from concentrate is not much - if any - better for you than soda. This is very surprising but the reason is because when fruit goes through the juicing process they heat it up to dehydrate it into a powder and remove all of the fruit meat.The fruit meat contains fiber, fiber is used to counteract the rise in blood sugar when we eat sugar. Without fiber your body must control the blood sugar levels by releasing insulin. These wild spike in your blood can cause health issues and especially add to your fat reserves. Insulin turns your blood glucose into glycogen which is then stored for later use.I won't go as fat to say that fruit juice is as bad as sodapop (high fructose corn syrup) however I wouldn't call it healthy either.It's very important not to drink your calories and this means staying away from fruit juices, they are great to have in small quantities every now and then but many people don't know they are still loaded with sugar and calories.

December 27, 2020
December 26, 2020

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