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The Ultimate Beginners Yoga Guide

Yoga has a reputation of being a girly activity that is “easy” and not as effective as cardio when it comes to losing weight and getting that toned, sexy body we dream of. I’m here to clear up the negative misconceptions about yoga and give you the ultimate beginners yoga guide . Yoga can be used in combination with whatever current workout or training you are currently doing. It’s great for teaching out the muscles but more importantly you can also get amazing results by solely focusing on yoga.

Did you know practicing yoga regularly will lead to increased flexibility, stability, weight loss, toned muscles and overall stress-relief (and we all know how ridiculous our stress levels can get).

Don’t be intimidated by the ridiculous, intimidating almost pretzel-like yoga poses you see professionals doing. Yoga is literally for anyone. Regardless of your shape, size, age, body type, or flexibility you can find a program that is perfect for you. Use this beginners yoga guide as a tool to launch your yoga journey the right way!

I’ve been practicing yoga for about two years now so I know what to look for as a yoga newbie! After A TON of research, testing and comparing I’ve found my favorite yoga guides and ranked the TOP 5 YOGA GUIDES for beginners.

Editor's Resource: Best At Home Beginner Yoga Programs


1. Focus on your breath

Stay calm and keep breathing. Breathing is a HUGE part of yoga and not just regular breathing but DEEP breathes. Training yourself for deep breaths will calm you and reduce stress (huge plus). If you are looking for a gentle form of yoga thats at a slower pace there are yoga programs that focus on breathing and healing your body.

2. Yoga is not as easy as it looks

Take it slow. DO NOT dive in and try crazy poses that are outside of our comfort level. Start as with the easy poses so you can keep up. You’ll get to the advanced stuff later. For now focus on learning the basics. It’s not a race. With cardio you are pushing yourself to get that heart rate up, with yoga you are keeping that heart rate steady. Shape Shifter Yoga and Brilliant Yoga are two at home yoga practice program focusing on weight loss and toning your body.

3. Invest in yourself

So it’s ok to spend $5 on Starbucks coffee or whatever but not your health? No. Please invest in the sticky yoga mat. You’ll thank me later. It might seem like a minor matter but it will make sure you have a firm footing and the last thing you want is yoga injury from slipping. If you’re not sure if you need one, try a session without a mat and then borrow a friend’s. Once you tried it both ways you can decide for yourself but I’m guessing you’ll mostly likely want you own. Find the right program for you. You don't need to have a private instructor or go to a yoga studio. There are inexpensive yoga programs you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Like we said before you is for anyone and everyone. Here are simple steps in the beginners yoga guide to get you started:

Materials: Thankfully you don’t need a lot to get started with yoga. Preferably you already have a mat. If you don’t yet you can get one family cheap on Amazon and this is the one that I like to use.

Dress Code: As for the dress code you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Loose clothing that will allow you to be flexible is the best choice. Heck it’s your home, practice in your undies if thats whats most comfortable for you!

What to Eat: Keep it light! Please don’t load up on heavy processed foods. You want to make sure you are hydrated, eat clean, and leave a little bit of a time cushion so your body has time to digest. If you want ideas on what kinds of foods are best to increase all those yoga benefits I mentioned above take a look this article highlighting the best foods and recipes for clean eating.

Find the Right Program for Your Goals: There are so many different forms of yoga that target different out comes. Do you want to heal your body, relax and reduce stress? Increase balance and flexibility? Or would you like to use yoga as a tool for weight loss, to firm and tone your body? Yoga can be customized to work towards any goal.


Yoga is a universal practice that anyone can participate in. I recommend trying it. You'll be surprises how much of positive difference it will make on your life. I practice yoga in the comfort of my own home. hopefully this beginners yoga guide was helpful and be sure to check out the top 5 at home yoga guides to find the program that is the right fit for you!

February 22, 2021
February 22, 2021

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