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Whether you have an office job, home office, or just find yourself sedentary for hours on end, the truth is long periods of sitting will take a toll on your health.

Extended periods of sitting at your desk can reduce blood flow to your legs and can increase the risk of plaque build-up in your arteries.

This bad habit has also been linked to a number of other health concerns including increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol (1).

Research has made it clear that sitting less and moving more will lead to better health. Sitting less and moving more can have a profound impact on your health that can lead to weight loss and increased energy levels.

Overall, physical activity will not only help maintain muscle tone but it can also benefit your mental well being leading to higher work satisfaction and performance!

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Best workout hacks and exercise devices to help you stay fit and improve your health at the office

Taking breaks from work to get up and stretch your legs every hour is not always feasible.

Despite our best efforts, there are days that get hectic where you just can’t afford to take hourly breaks. Before you know it the day is wrapping up and you spent your whole day glued to your chair. It happens the best of us.

Lately, the trend of incorporating fitness into the office has been sweeping the nation. This has lead to new innovations and devices that are helping office workers stay fit and improve their health without even leaving their desk!

Here is a list of this year's leading desk workout machines, devices, and gadgets that will help you stay fit and focused!


Cubii Pro: Best Under-desk Elliptical

office workers using cubii pro at desk

Using an Under Desk Elliptical is a great way to get a low impact workout without the stress on your joints.

Working while using Cubii Pro
This is my current home workstation set up. The footpads are grooved and grippy. Even when I wear my soft slippers my grandmother made for me, my feet do not slide around when I paddle. LOVE my Cubii!

The Cubii Pro is optimized to be used in a seated position is a great choice for staying active at a desk job. The low step design makes it easy to use even under low desks. It’s nearly silent so you won’t disturb your coworkers!

As an added bonus, the Cubii Pro can sync with your phone to track steps, distance, and calories burned.

Read my full Cubii Pro review for all the details on what I think makes Cubii Pro the best under-desk elliptical!

Key Features:

Sync calories, steps, distance with Apple Health/ Fitbit
8 Levels of Resistance
Nearly silent
Good for low desks
Compact, space-saving design
Low impact workout

You can get the latest deals on the Cubii Pro at Amazon or check out the Cubii Jr. for a budget-friendly under-desk elliptical.


Under desk exercise bike

Woman using deskcycle bike at desk

Ellipticals might not be your first choice so if you are more of a biking fan the DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike is another highly rated product and costs less than the Cubii Under Desk Elliptical.

This under desk exercise bike machine can be used under desks as low as 27 inches. The magnetic resistance gives allows for smooth quiet movement and there are 8 different resistance levels to choose from. The display can show you your distance, speed, and time.

Key Features:

Smooth peddle motions
8 resistance levels
Quiet operation with magnetic resistance
Full day display stores time, distance, speed of 16hour + of activity
Wide legs to eliminate rocking
Comfortable pedals with straps to fit any shoe size
Display stand to place the display on your desk
Web App to log and track your activity and connect with FitBit

The full retail price of DeskCycle is $199.00 but it is frequently on sale for $159.00. You can check the current price of the DeskCycle on Amazon.


desk Foot swing

using a desk foot swing at the office

The SitFit Under Desk Swing is an innovative new sitting exercise product that is great for a sitting low impact workout. It can be mounted to a desk or used on a stand.

SitFit has also been scientifically studied by leading institutions like The Mayo Clinic, the University of Illinois Chicago, and Tokai University in Japan. This desk swing can help you burn calories and improve posture while you sit and have been proven to increase productivity without causing distractions.

Using a SitFit Desk Swing can help you burn up to 20% more calories than you would with static sitting. It can also increase blood circulation and improve cognitive focus with increased energy levels.

SitFit offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. The SitFit Desk Swing is normally priced around $129.00 and available for purchase on Amazon.


ActiveBody Activ5 personal strength and fitness device

Activ5 desive design and smartphone app

Activ5 Is a small deceive that fits in the palm of your hand. Don’t let the size fool you, this personal strength training device connects with your smartphone to guide you through isometric-based movements that can be done in 5-minute spurts while you are sitting at your desk.

Isometric exercises are done in a state position. The simple exercises can help you build muscle and decrease body fat. The Activ5 app is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and features over 100 of these low impact workouts and even fitness games targeting specific muscles.

Activ5 can be purchased for as low as $119.00 and there are Deluxe and Yoga packages with additional accessories. You can get Activ5 from Amazon or learn more about this device in this Activ5 review.


FlexiSpot standing desk

how to use flexispot stand up desk

One of the best ways to stretch your legs when you can’t afford to leave your desk is to transform your workstation into a standing desk. With the FlexiSpot Standing Desk, you can continue your work while you stand in an upright position.

This workstation choice has adjustable legs for 12 height levels and folds down when you are sitting. It is easy to lift and raise the height when you stand and bring your computer to eye level. There is even a pullout keyboard tray.

FlexiSpot came in our color option. It generally retails for Around $329.99 and has been discounted at times as low as $179.99. You can check the price and choose your color here.

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Standing Desk Balance Board/Wobble Board

two women using balance boards at stand up desk in office

You can improve the standing desk experience by adding a standup desk balance board for an additional workout. There are many different standing desk balance boards with unique design and features.

The most versatile and portable balance board and wobble boards the inflatable Kumo board with a cushion that can be used as a chair balance disc.

If a sleek design is important to you than the Gaiam Balance Board or Base+ might better suit your style tastes.

You can use this standup desk balance board buying guide to see which balance board would work best for your office and fitness goals.


Chair balance disk

chair balance disks on office chair

A chair balance disc or wobble cushion is a seat topper that can transform your ordinary office choir into an active workout while you sit. The Gaiam Balance Disc can engage your core muscles and improve your postures your balance and sit comfortably. You can also adjust the firmness to your comfort level and workout intensity.

This wobble cushion is a perfect low-key alternative to those giant yoga ball seats. It’s significantly more portable while still giving you the health benefits of improving your posture and reducing back pain.

For under $25 this is a cheap and worthwhile investment for a fit and healthy office environment.

Key Features:

Affordable under $25 fitness device
Targets core muscles
Promote healthy posture and reduced back pain
Adjustable firmness and balance difficulty level
Three color options

For under $25 this is a cheap and worthwhile investment for a fit and healthy office environment.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

The ergonomic chair that I would most recommend is the ALL33 Backstrong chair. It is a "must-have" for anyone who sends a good portion of their day sitting. This chair is doctor recommended and the "Sit in Motion Technology uses a saddle to react to your movements and help you maintain an ideal posture! These are selling fast! If they are out of stock you can pre-order and use the code "FJBLOG50" for $50 off your chair!! Read my ALL33 Backstrong chair review for more information!


Total health tracker

healbe gobe features  and smartphone app

There are hundreds of fitness and health trackers and each one has it’s own unique combination of highlighting features. The fitness tracker that can best help you with improving your office health is the Healbe GoBe total health tracking device.

This wrist wearable features key metrics that track your stress/ anxiety levels, calories burned and consumed, heart rate, hydration levels, and the number of calories burned and time you spend at your desk.

The Healbe GoBe can measure your hydration levels and virtue to remind you to drink when it detects low hydration levels. It can also vibrate when it senses peaked levels of stress/anxiety. This is a very useful reminder to take a moment to breathe and relax your thoughts to lower your stress.

The Healbe GoBe 2 is available for purchase on Amazon for $179.99.


Questions? Comments?

I frequently check my blog for new comments and questions!

If you have a question or office fitness tips of your own, please share it with us by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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August 13, 2021
August 10, 2021

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