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Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Your weight loss efforts could be getting crippled if you aren't careful. Trying to lose weight and get in shape is great but make sure you aren't falling for marketing tricks like "fat-free" foods. Waynesville Daily Guide gives us common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight.

Are You A Victim of Weight Loss Mistakes

Mistake #1:

Going fat-free. Fat-free foods may be free of fat, but that doesn’t mean they are free of calories. Many fat-free foods contain lots of sugar to help make up for the taste of the missing fat. They might even be higher in calories than the original version. Plus, sugars tend to be digested more quickly than fat and leave us wanting more sooner. Instead of looking for fat-free, stick to a smaller portion of the real thing.

Mistake #2:

Using artificial sweeteners. Sugar substitutes don’t have calories, so how can they possibly prevent weight loss? Artificial sweeteners are hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar, which makes our taste buds require a heightened level of sweetness to satisfy our sugar cravings. This just perpetuates a sugar addiction and leaves us craving more. Your best bet to cure sugar cravings is to cut back on all sweeteners — artificial or natural. Choose unsweetened beverages, and rely on fresh or dried fruits for your sweet fix.

Mistake #3:

Setting unrealistic goals. Your plan is to lose 20 pounds in a month. Or you swear you will never, ever eat dessert again. When these goals are not met, you give up or wind up binge eating sweets. Sure, you want to lose weight, but set reasonable goals for yourself and give it some time. Although it doesn’t seem like much, a weight loss of one to two pounds a week is a good goal. Instead of cutting out certain foods, allow yourself to have them occasionally and in small amounts. Remember that healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a short-term fix.

Mistake #4:

Underestimating calories consumed. Even healthy foods have calories, and ultimately it’s the total calories you eat that matters. While some foods are considered good for weight loss, such as avocados, fruit smoothies or brown rice, eating more than one serving can add too many calories. In today’s world of oversized restaurant meals, giant plates and bulk foods, it can be difficult to estimate portion sizes. Reacquaint yourself with standard portion sizes, and weigh or measure your food until you can eyeball correct portions. Visuals can help: A three-ounce portion of meat is about the size and thickness of your palm, and your fist is about the size of a cup of potatoes or vegetable.

Mistake #5:

Mindless munching. Do you eat while cooking, watching TV, working on the computer or driving? These are a few of the times when we might reach for a bite and not even realize it. Maybe you finish the last few bites on your child’s plate every night or take frequent tastes while cooking. All of those little bites and nibbles can add up. Try to get out of the habit of eating when you are otherwise occupied. Chew gum while cooking to discourage nibbling. When you want a snack, be sure to portion it out and not eat from the bag or container.

Mistake #6:

Liquid calories. Calories we drink can really sneak up on us. Did you know an eight-ounce cup of apple juice has 128 calories or that a 20-ounce bottle of non-diet cola has 227 calories? And, unlike a snack, beverages don’t satiate our hunger, so those calories we drink won’t help us eat less later. Whether it’s the creamy coffee drink you start your day with or that extra glass of wine with dinner, the calories all add up.

Mistake # 7:

Overestimating calories burned with exercise. You splurge on your calories but rationalize that you will work it off with exercise later. In reality, this is hard to do. It takes more exercise and effort than most people realize to burn a few calories. You’d have to walk at a fast pace for more than an hour just to burn off that morning cream-filled donut. Exercise is important for overall health, but for most people, it is not the solution to weight loss.

Take these tips with you on your weight loss journey! Once you reach your realistic target but think that your weight can just going to stay off. if you aren't careful you'll slowly start slipping back into your old eating habits and before you know it you'll be right where you started.

Keep in mind that a best way to keep weight off permanently is a lifestyle change. make a conscious effort to eat natural, healthy, proportionately appropriate meals.

December 27, 2020
December 25, 2020

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