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Why is Having Good Form Important for Exercising?

Don't shy away from strength building workout, they will not make you look bulky like a body builder! Instead, you will have lean and strong muscles, a perfect foundation for looking great in your summer wardrobe. Bulking up is very hard even for men, and pretty much impossible for women unless you take testosterone.Having more muscle on your body helps you burn more calories even at rest. This is because muscles take a lot more energy to maintain. So if you gain 10 lbs of muscle you'll burn a certain amount of calories more just through your daily processes - even sleeping.But to get sexy strong muscles you need to be doing your workouts in the proper form. Rather than focusing on the number of reps you can do, it's more important that you focus on having the correct form. When it come to strength training, it's quality over quantity!

Why is Proper Form Important?

The bottom line is that the more correct your form is, the more effective your workout will be and you'll get results faster. Not only will your body transform faster, but having the incorrect form puts you at a serious risk for injury.Proper form is especially important if you are a beginner. If you learn proper form from the start, you are a lot more likely to keep up the habit. As you advance you'll make it harder which will be more stressful to your body, if you have good form it will help your body grow; if you didn't develop good form when you were starting out then the extra stress will go to areas that can't handle it and you'll get injured.Once you start slipping, it can be challenging to train yourself to correct. If you are starting a workout program and can't keep up with the instructor or video, don't rush yourself and sacrifice your form. Instead, do as many as you can in the correct form. If you are following at workout video, pause the video to give yourself more time to perform the reps. Make sure to do the exercise just as the instructor on the videos do it, this is incredibly important and a top reason why you need a workout program with instructional videos.

Good Form with Weight Training

If you are using weights as a part of your strength training workout, proper form becomes even more important. One reason is because this extra weight opens up a greater risk for injury. If you find it difficult keeping the proper form you should lower the amount of weight you are using. With they proper form, you'll work harder with less weight. Having bad form makes you more likely to get an injury. You are placing weight on vulnerable parts of your body and this can easily lead to injury. Good form minimizes the chances of injury and maximizes the effectiveness of the workout.

Proper Form and Yoga

Yoga has amazing benefits for your health, but even yoga can be harmful to you if you have wrong form. Take for example when I was starting out (on my own). I did a handstand and strained my back badly where I was in some pain for the next week!This was because I had no idea what I was doing, I just know I wanted to start getting into yoga and I thought doing a handstand (up against a wall) would help to tone my arms a lot.However my form was wrong and I let my shoulders sag a bit which misaligned my body and put a ton of stress somewhere in my back. I felt like crap for a week.Bottom line is learn from an expert whether that is an at home program or you get hands on training at a gym or something.

Simple Ways to Improve your Form

Improving your form is easy and good habits are important. One strategy that we have mentioned is lowering the amount of weight or dropping down a level of difficulty. This means slowing down your pace and take breaks when necessary. Continue practicing at this lower level of intensity until you are confident you have it mastered and are ready to move on. Establish a proper definition of good form, or baseline. This means the possibility of meeting with a coach, personal trainer, or gym staff to ensure you know the proper form to workouts. Often, you might not b realizing that you are doing anything work so it's incredibly beneficial to have a second pair of eyes.

December 27, 2020
December 25, 2020

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