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Luminette 3 Review

Luminette 3 is a pair of light therapy glasses that will help you effectively fight the winter blues and circadian sleep disorders. I used these light therapy glasses to survive my winter in Michigan and here is my review.
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Feel Cove Review

Cove is an innovative product in the category of wearable stress-relief devices. Cove wearables assist with stress reduction, sleep improvement, health, and general well-being.
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Touchpoint solutions review

TouchPoints is a wearable that uses neuroscience technology and gentle haptic micro-vibrations to alter the body's stress response. TouchPoints can be used to reduce stress, improve focus, and improve sleep.
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NuCalm Review

NuCalm is proven to help relax the brain and the body naturally and within minutes. It works with the brain circuity in the limbic system that is responsible for activating the stress response.
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Pillsy Review



Master your stress and anxiety: how technology can help you unplug

Technology was supposed to make our life easier, wasn't it? So why does it feel like the more "plugged in" we are, the more stress we have? Most of the gadgets that I am going to talk about are things that I have personally tired. I'll share what worked best for me, what didn't, benefits, what to expect, pro's, con's, and other tips and also discounts.

When Only Silence Will Do: How noise effects your sleep and what you can do about it.

The sleep industry has a big role to play in promoting health and wellbeing, but sometimes all that’s needed to sleep better is a generous helping of quiet.

What's Really Going On With Your Poor Work Performance?

Doing well at work is a precursor for wellness – it ensures we’re satisfied, confident, and generally happier. By comparison, a stint of poor performance or lackluster results can leave us lethargic, miserable, and questioning our abilities.

10 Morning Routines to Get You Energized for the Day Ahead

All too often we get out of bed just as tired as we were when we went to bed. Here are 10 top tips to help you feel more energized (and positive!) for the day ahead!

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