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Top 5 Smart Water Bottles

I always thought that being told to drink “8 glasses of water a day” was very vague. How big are these glasses and how do we know 8 is the right number? Drinking enough water has all sorts of benefits for us from clear skin, improved mental function and increased energy levels to even weight loss. Wether you are trying to get in the habit of drinking more water or shifting from drinking soda the tech is here to help you and keep you on track!

From the world of “smart” phones and insane fitness trackers comes the “smart” water bottle! Water bottles can do much more than just hold your beverage. These water bottles are able to accurately track your water consumption, show your data on apps, sync with your fitness trackers and even remind you to drink more throughout your day.

This all sounds pretty nifty but which smart water bottle should you get? The bad news it that there isn’t one smart bottle that is perfect and right for everyone. Choosing the right water bottle will depend a lot on your fitness and hydration goals as well as your lifestyle.

To make life easier I have found what I believe to be some of the BEST smart water bottles available on the market. These are the top 5 best smart water bottles to take your hydration to the next level. Not only will I share the top smart water bottles but I’ll tell you where you can get the best price and you can read my full reviews if you want more information!

Hydra Tech : Best Smart Water Bottle for Gadget Lovers and Cyclists

Out of all the smart water bottles the best of the best would have to be Trago. First, it’s the best in design. The bottle is made of stainless steel (can hold temperature for up to 24 hours) and the cap is a rubber/plastic combination. What really sets the design apart from the other bottles is that the cap can be used on most standard 3inch wide bottles! This means you are not limited to only using the Stainless Steel bottle that comes with it. You can use the cap on your favorite bottles and fits on popular brands like Camelback, Hydro, and Nelgene.

This smart water bottle also has a great app. The amount of water you should be drinking daily is calculated based on your personal characteristics like gender, height, age, weight, etc. It also uses outside information like weather to even further personalize the recommendations.

When you open the app it’s very easy to see you progress towards your daily goal and your hydration history over the past week or month. This is also one of the most accurate hydration trackers since it uses sonar technology and relays this information to the mobile app.

While having a water tracking app is nice, it’s even nicer when this information automatically syncs with your fitness tracker app. Trago is compatible wth many of the popular health apps like Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Health.

This smart water bottle is great for anyone that wants to take hydration seriously. Trago will track your water intake and sync this information with your other fitness app so you can built the habit of drinking more water and see your progress. It’s a high quality product and great app for a reasonable price.


  • Reminders
  • Tracks Water Accurately
  • High Quality
  • Compatible with Other Fitness Apps
  • Has App


  • High Price
  • Limited Color Options

Best Price: Ulla Hydration

If you are primary concerned with just remembering to drink more water throughout your day and don’t want anything too fancy than your best option would be Ulla. Ulla is only $25.00 and while this isn’t actually a water bottle it can easily attach to any bottle. Ulla is very simple and does not require any charging or a mobile app. It is a small device that you attach to your favorite water bottle and it will give you gentle reminders by lighting up to get your attention and remind you to take a drink.

Ulla might not look like much but it’s pretty smart. It can sense when you pick up your water bottle and take a drink. When you go too long without drinking (about 40 minutes) the light will start to blink. This is a lot nicer than having a distracting app send you annoying sound notifications. It also automatically turns on and off. It will turn on and start tracking in the morning when you enter the room and it goes to sleep when you are not in the room.

Ulla is only $25.00 and you can buy it from the official website or from amazon, either way the price is the same. They also have a 30 day return policy if you are unsatisfied. Learn more in my Ulla Hydration Review or check the price on Amazon.

Click Here for Full Ulla Hydration Review


  • Fits on Any Bottle
  • Light Reminders
  • No Charging
  • Battery lasts 6 Months


  • No App
  • No Tracking

Other Top Smart Water Bottles

Hydra Spark 2.0

Hydra Spark 2.0 is the middle ground between the Trago bottle and Ulla. This water bottle has a sleek plastic design and also uses light to send you reminders to drink. However, this bottle also has it’s own app and is also compatible with many top fitness tracker apps.

The sensor inside this bottle will track your hydration and syncs to the app. It can also glow to remind you to take a drink. This bottle is compatible with iPhone and select Android phones. The best place to buy Hydra Spark 2.0 is on amazon. The price is also pretty good at about $55. This bottle is great for people who want the water tracking and app like Trago but also to mental light reminders like Ulla. It’s a great compromise and the price accounts for that. You can learn more by reading my Hydra Spark 2.0 Review or check the price on Amazon.


  • Glow Reminders
  • Syncs to Other Fitness Apps
  • Tracks Water Intake
  • Easy to Use
  • Has a App


  • Price is a little high
  • Not Compatible with EVERY Fitness app
  • Works on Select Android Phones


H2O-Pal is another smart bottle that has been growing in popularity but it is only currently available for iPhones. This is a great looking bottle but it is made of glass so it’s heavier than our other bottles. This bottle is simpler to Trago, it has a detachable bottom that can be secured to other water bottles that has a base of the same 3 inch diameter. This water bottle also has a great app but I just don’t think that the design and features are worth the high price. You can get the H2O-Pal for a whopping $99.99! I personally think that you are better off saving money and getting Trago. Trago basically has all the same features and it just as high of quality as this bottle.

December 27, 2020
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December 27, 2020

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