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What is the Ruk Solar Backpack? 

Are you tired of juggling between bags when you go out and want to find a one-stop solution to all your backpacking needs? The Ruk Solar Backpack might be what you are looking for!

This backpack's creators bring attention to the most common problem of travelers and passengers – excessive baggage. However, this design provides the benefits of three bags into one convenient design. This impressive functionality helps you travel from the office to the gym and even the airport without ever having to switch bags. Isn't that cool?

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According to its website, the solar backpack comes with over 15 different storage and functionality features, made to work seamlessly into the lives of active business professionals and everyone in between. Plus, the exceptional detailing and high quality made it easy to pick out of other backpacks. 

Are you having a hard time wrapping your head around the way that one bag can offer so many benefits? Read on to learn more about what this design provides in the Ruk Solar Backpack overview below. 

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As it has been said before, the Ruk Backpack is a one-for-all backpack that you can carry anywhere (and it won't disappoint!).

It is your best backpack for both the gym and work!

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Where can you take it?

Overnight camping trips, to the office, the perfect carry on backpack, to the gym.. ANYWHERE 😍

One of the best parts about this backpack is that you can take it anywhere at all! It is suitable for a trip to the gym, a day at your workspace, and traveling via car or airplane! It is compliant with TSA regulations, making it an ideal travel buddy as a carry-on. 

What are the features and benefits of the best backpack for the gym and work?

There are several features of the Ruk backpack.

These include:


The quality of materials used to make this backpack make it durable and robust, holding whatever you need to carry. Despite the incredible price, the creators didn't skimp on the strength of the material. 

Modern design

What a look! If you want a bag that gives you space but does not comprise style, this would be it. This product has been designed with both functionality and design in mind.

Solar-powered USB ports

With this backpack, you would never have to worry about going with charge in your electronic devices. It comes packed with solar-powered USB ports to keep your devices up and running for a long time.

5V power bank

What if the solar energy that the USB ports thrive on isn't stored? Luckily, this backpack has a backup – a 5V power bank. This built-in source of power prevents you from losing battery power, especially in an emergency. 

Moisture sealed laundry pocket

Most people that use this backpack for the gym will have to bring home dirty or sweaty clothing, but no one wants that smell lingering on their other belongings. With the moisture-sealed laundry pocked, you can keep your other belonging dry and free of the stale smell of sweat until you can get to a washing machine. 

Zipped beverage pocket

Just like the sweat on wet clothing, one of the other common reasons for moisture in a backpack is a spilled drink. However, the zipped beverage pocket protects and keeps any leakage or spill condensed to one area without allowing the liquid to create a much greater mess. 


Are you traveling in the rain, or did you fall in a puddle? Most other backpacks are instantly soaked, leaving every paper and electronic item destroyed inside. While you can't exactly go swimming with this backpack, the water-resistant material can easily survive a tumble or a random rain shower without any damage to your belongings. 

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 What are the pros and cons of this solar backpack?

👍  Pros:

  • Sealed laundry compartment
  • Zipped beverage compartment
  • 5V portable power bank as backup storage
  • Attached roller luggage strap for easy traveling 
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Get 15% off with coupon code: FJBLOG 

👎 Cons:

  • Might be expensive for some budgets
  • Can become too heavy (if packed snugly)
  • The solar USB might not work if the weather is not suitable, plan for the weather!

Reviews and Testimonials 

Overall, customers seem to be very happy with the Ruk Backpack. Users say that it is very spacious.

Some of them are even considering buying another just for the ease and comfort it provides.

Confirming the quality standards, users have also termed this backpack as "fantastic," saying that it is high in quality and has "tons of storage."

Some have even gone beyond saying that the Ruk Solar backpack is the "Swiss Army knife of backpacks," showing the positive impact that this backpack has.

People have been loving this product for its spacious look and the structure that helps them accommodate things for all their daily activities into one bag. 

🎥. Check out video for more information on how Ruk can make your life easier..


From the water-resistant fabric to the sealed compartments for your meals, every possible leakage has a defense. There's no risk of losing power to your devices, and all of the energy is sourced from solar power. Isn't this what your dream bag has always been like?

Whether you are heading to the gym for your workout, to the office for work, or to the airport for the flight you have to catch, the Ruk backpack has to be the best gym bag for work and travel.

Based on this Ruk Solar Backpack review, it is clear that this design could be the key to making many lives easier each day.

With ample space, distinctive features, and incredible feedback online, this backpack has all of the typical benefits users need in one design. This could very well be the only backpack you'll ever need.

Wanna give it a try?

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March 20, 2021
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March 20, 2021

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