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Why NOW Is The Time To Get Fit

When you work out, you will have a happier state of mind, a better, more productive day, and you will feel better about your body at the same time. Your confidence really does matter, and the best way to feel confident is to get your body moving and feeling good at the same time.

Weighted Blankets - What are they, and do they actually help you sleep?

Suits have been swapped for sweatshirts and joggers, and smart work shoes replaced with slippers, yes, weÔÇÖve all gone big on personal comfort this year. But have you gone so far as a weighted blanket?

The Immediate Problems Of Desk Jobs And How They Affect You

Desk jobs, or jobs that require professionals to sit down for extended periods, are some of the most frequent types of jobs. Approximately 86% of American workers sit most of the day in their profession. 

7 Habits that Will Improve Your Overall Well-Being

If you think making physical changes to your lifestyle is what changed your life, wait until you pair it with some mental changes and watch how the two become a powerhouse together. That said, here are some habits that will transform your overall well-being and make you feel like a changed person inside and out.

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