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Changing a few daily habits can go a long way to protect your back from injury and pain. Your limbs rely on your spine, as does your head, and you need to make sure that your back is in the best possible health to keep the rest of the body in shape. Most of your flexibility is engineered into your lower back, and it's susceptible to developing a lot of issues if it's not looked after properly. 

‚ÄćProtecting your back¬†means avoiding injury and preventing trauma. If you want to control the progression of back pain, you're dealing with.

A problem in the back can lead to problems in the hips, legs, and even the neck. Your Chiropractor may talk you through exercises that you can do. Still, you can prevent the trauma from getting worse simply by ensuring that you learn the best ways to protect your back and putting them into place.

Take the time to try these proven tips, and you'll be good to go!

Strength workouts

Strength exercises can help to keep your core in control. You want to make sure that you have a strong core to keep your body strong, and the best way to do this is with strength exercises. 

You can use low-impact cardio, walking to increase blood flow, and even weights and yoga. Exercise keeps your muscles strong, and this ensures that you can be in less pain. 

The stronger the muscles, the better support for the whole body. Don't be afraid of exercise; it will make a difference!

Stretch and relax 

Your back pain could be the result of tension and tight muscles. 

The tension built but could very well be the result of stress. Stress can significantly impact your health and your back health. Reduce stress by incorporating stress-reducing habits. This could include more low-impact exercises, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or music. 

Light stretching will reduce the stress in muscles supporting the spine and improve your range of motion and overall mobility. 

Another way to relax your back is to use a percussion massage gun or exercise balls.

Did you know that your back pain could be the result of tight Hip Flexor muscles? The majority of people have tight hip flexors, especially if they spend a lot of time seated. Hip flexors are difficult muscles to stretch. The best way to target your hip flexor muscles is to use a specialty tool like the Hip Hook. 

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs will make a difference. At work, you need the right chair and desk that will be at the right height at all times. If you have a job that requires sitting for a large portion of your day, the wrong chair and wrong posture could mean long-term back pain. 

The best office chair designed by a chiropractor and corrects your posture is the All33 BackStrong Chair. 

If you are sitting on dining table chairs, you likely aren't supporting the spine's natural curve. You can place a small rolled-up towel in the bottom of the chair to better support your spine, too. You can even ask your boss to give you a standing desk to support your back! 

Staying healthy at the office is easy with these fun ways to incorporate movement at your desk. 

Correct lifting posture 

If you're at the gym and lifting weights, you need to use a back splint to support the spine. If you don't, you're going to find it much harder to lift safely! 

Bend your knees, too, rather than the waist to come forward and pick things up. You won't regret working your muscles properly. This also applies outside of the gym. If you are doing housework, yard work, or even picking up a child or pet, the wrong posture can leave you with intense back pain. 

Reduce the stress on your back as much as possible in your daily routines. If you can hold the vacuum cleaner differently, so you're not straining, or you can shovel snow with extra help, do that! If you can move your body in a way that makes sense, do it because your body deserves to move fluidly for you, which means the least amount of stress possible.

Your back deserves a break and protecting it will make all the difference to how you feel overall. Take the time to try these tips in your everyday life - you won't regret it!


Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

March 24, 2021
March 24, 2021

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