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Life-saving jewelry or charm

InvisaWear mother's day sale

You can't go wrong getting that special lady jewelry for Mother's Day. This is a classic that will always be a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

I want to highlight InvisaWear because not only do they have a beautiful line of bracelets, necklaces, and charms but InvisaWear can keep your loved one safe and even be a life-saver in dangerous situations.

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InvisaWear is stylish, designed to look like everyday accessories but they are safety devices.

The InvisaWear app is free and by double clicking the hidden button on InvisaWear Jewelry an automatic text message will be send to up to five people with a link to your GPS location letting them know you need help.

Additionally, there is also an added. option available in the US to also connect your location with 9-1-1 dispatchers.

This is an amazing gift to keep your loved one safe and show your love this Mother's Day.

You can read my InvisaWear review to learn more or checkout the beautiful designs at

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Stress Relief Gift Ideas


HelloCore meditation training app and device

Price: $149+

Hellocore is a personal meditation trainer that helps you stay focused and relaxed and gives you dynamic vibrations as feedback on your mediation. The biosensors communicate with the Hellocore app and provide feedback on your body's physical responses.

Learn more or shop at Hellocore website

NuClam FDA Approved Stress Relief


Price: $49+

NuClam is the only patented neuroscience technology that has been proved to resolve stress and improve sleep quality. You can feel the benefits of NuClam within MINUTES! Its an amazing experience and one that you have to experience first hand to understand. Read my full in-depth NuClam review to learn more.

Shop at NuCalm website


Price: $189.99

Coupon: FJBLOG

TouchPoints are clinically proven to help manage stress and increase focus. Not only that but they also have sleep benefits! People have used TouchPoints to reduces stress and anxiety. In fact, according to a study, TouchPoints were proven to reduce stress and anxiety by 74% in just 30 seconds!

Shop at TouchPoints website

Sleep Gift Ideas


Price: $99

Sleepon ring is a sleep tracker that slips on your fingre for comfortable, acurate and reliable sleep tracking. Sleepon provides comperhensive sleep feedback and monitors heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Read the my Sleepon review or shop on Sleepon website.


Price: $39.99+

Coupon: FJBLOG

SleepBand is an eye mask and sleep headphone combination. The soft and comfortable material make this a great gift! It's als ocomforable for side sleepers. Say goodbye to ear pain from in-ear earbuds. Also great for running on cold days.

Read my SleepBand review or shop on SleepBand website

Fitness Gift Ideas

1. Crossrope weighted jump rope

Price: $99+

Crossrope weight jump rope includes interchangeable weighted jump ropes for a full body workout anywhere. Crossrope includes a free app with free access to workouts. Burn fat, boost cardio and build lean muscle. The Crossrope LE Map is a prefect addition for a jumping workout that is easy on the knees.

Shop on the Crossropes website.

BodyGym Portable Home Gym

Price: $120.00

BodyGym is a lightweight bar offering over 150 high quality resistence training workouts. The slim gym bar is adaptable for all fitness levels and you can pull it apart for easy storage and take it with you where ever you go. The BodyGym app includes hundreds for works with workouts for you upper body, lower body, chest, core, legs, and back.

Learn more and shop at BodyGym website

Yoga Gift Ideas

flxbl yoga mat

Price: 59.00


FLXBL yoga mat is a foldable, lightweight and machine washable yoga mat. It is soft but also offers a better grip than most yoga mats. It's velvety soft and the washable feature makes this a great addition to be the top layer of your own mat or a mat from the studio. It is foldable and compact making it perfect for travel and the outdoors.

Shop on the FLXBL website

The Root Board

Price: $179.00

Coupon Code: FJBLOG

The Root Board is a portable bamboo platform on which you roll out your mat. You can also practice yoga directly on the Root Board. It give you a solid and stable base for your yoga practice. This is perfect for using at home on carpet or tile flooring. It's even better for outdoor yoga. Yoga on the beach is finally enjoyable and SAFE!

Shop at The Root Board website

Nutrition Gift Ideas

O'Yeet GoPower Portable Blender

Price: $79.99

Coupon Code: FJBLOG

O'Yeet portable blender is small but powerful.It's designed to crush ice and frozen ingredients. This blender comes in red or navy blue color. The top of the blender doubles as a sport bottle with easy to drink lid.

Shop at O'Yeet website

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Price: $299

Lumen is the world's first handheld and portable device that has been designed to accurately measure metabolism. Among other uses, Lumen can help you get the right nutrition, optimize workouts, and lose weight. You can learn more by reading my full Lumen review here.

Shop on Lumen website

EcoVessel BOULDER Bottle

Price: $30.00+

The EcoVessel BOULDER Bottle is the perfect solution to keeping your cold beverages cold and your hot beverages hot. Not only that, but these bottles also include removable strainers for tea, fruits, and ice cubes. These bottles are, moreover, reusable, which is a perfect choice for the helping the environment. Learn more by reading my EcoVessel review!

Shop on EcoVessel Website

Pain Relief Gift Ideas

Hip Hook Hip Flexor Stretcher 

Price: $129.00+

Coupon: FJBLOG

The Hip Hook is a tool designed to stretch the hip flexor muscle. This muscle is known to be hard to stretch and is associated with hip pain, back pain, joint pain, nerve pain, pain from sitting, pain while driving, and so much more. The Hip Hook is life changing and so many people have finally found relief from years of mysterious pain. Read my full Hip Hook review to learn more.

Shop at Hip Hook website

Allay Lamp for migraines

Price: $89.00+

The Ally Lamp uses a narrow band of green light that creates smaller electrical signals in the brain that everyday light. Benefits of this green light lamp is a soothing experience for your eyes and brain. It's prefect during a migraine or for anytime use. The Ally Desk Lamp if great for lighting up your desk, workspace, or when focusing on reading a book.

Shop at Allay Lamp website

RelaxUltima Neck Massager

Price: $79.97

The RelaxUltima Neck Massager claims to relieve neck pain and discomfort in as little as 15 minutes a day. This small but powerful neck massager has 15 intensities and 3 massage modes. It is quiet, light, and comfortable. The cordless massager with a rechargeable battery makes it easy to travel with and great for use anywhere inside or outside the home.

Shop on RelaxUltima website

Beauty Gift Ideas

Hairstory Hair Care

Price: $40+

Hairstory hair care products are made with the environment in mind and include solutions for every hair type. The shampoo moisturizes hair without harmful detergents and allows for more time between washes. Hairstory has a great line of products including shampoo, conditioners, starter kits, and styling products. You can read me Hairstory Fitness Starter Kit review here.

Shop at Hairstory website

Outdoor Adventure Gift Ideas

Scrubba Wash Bag

Price: $55.00+

Coupon Code: FJBLOG

The Scrubba Wash Bag is a personal washing machine for tiny homes, camping, and travel. The Scrubba Wash Bag is pocket sized and allows you a quality machine wash anywhere in only a few minutes. You can save money while traveling and pack less clothes. Also great for camping trips, hiking, and backpacking.

Shop on Scrubba website

Grayl Geopress Water Bottle

Price: $89.00

The Grayl Geopress is a fast-acting purifier bottle that provides users with 24 ounces of safe drinking water within a matter of 8 seconds. This purifier removes all potential waterborne pathogens, which can include viruses, bacteria, and protozoan cysts.Read my full Grayl Geopress review here.

Shop on Grayl website

September 11, 2021
September 11, 2021

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